Literary Set - A Reading Nook and The Archaeologist's House

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LITERARY SET TWO contains the latest additions to our Literary Collection:


A Reading Nook is inspired by secondhand books and a mug of hot chocolate on the side. Our reading nooks — or any special corner or desk with our favorite things at home — are practically destinations in themselves: it’s our source of solace and and a sanctuary away from the world, a moment to disconnect and lose ourselves in prose and poetry and imagination. With notes of chocolate, vetiver, cinnamon and clove, it’ a spiced, warm, sweet hug from a dear friend we haven’t seen for a long time.


Inspired by the summer villa of the Perlmans in the Italian Riviera, The Archaeologist's House imagines the sensorial, intellectual and natural stimulations of a summer affair in Andre Aciman's Call Me By Your Name. In the book, Samuel Perlman appear to be a classics professor but the film provides a more visual and palpable interpretation of his motivations for his house, where he's shown to be an archaeology professor. His summer house, both warm and mysterious, bright and nostalgic, natural and evocative seem to invite one to mental and sensuous experiences only of this earth.  With notes of clove, mint, orange, green tea and grapefruit, this literary escapade is spicy, rich, sensuous and sublunary —earthy and atmospheric. 

Each candle is 100 ml / 3.3 oz / 250 g and burns for 20 hours.

Each set is enclosed in our kraft gift box and comes with a postcard. Add a note at checkout with a gift message if you need one. If you want us to add in an inspiring quote or poetry, we can do that too.