Daily Incense - Japanese Cypress

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Daily Incense by TRUNK Design, Japan

The Awaji Island of Japan is the prominent birthplace of numerous incenses since around the 1840s, when the winds blowing from the West and the climate of Awaji Ichinomiya district was discovered to be ideal for incense making. TRUNK Design selected five soothing scents straight from Awaji Island, where 70% of incense production takes place.

Each tube contains 45 incense sticks that burns up to 20 minutes each.


About TRUNK Design

Trunk Design began in the small serene city near the ocean called Tarumi in the Kobe Hyogo prefecture.

Our designs strive to shed a new light on the wonderful products, techniques, and services that are hidden around us in plain view . We reinvent its charms to deliver it to the people in need of a happy setting: much like creating a map for a new future. Based in our adored hometown of Kobe, we work throughout Japan and globally to continue our journey to connect.

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