KAIBIG-IBIG Set: Saan Saan x Auro Chocolate

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Our KAIBIG-IBIG Set features your choice of our signature candles and one of two of the Auro Chocolate's best selling and award-winning dark chocolate bars. A box that says "kaibig-ibig ka."

Saan Saan standard candle is 8 oz and burns for up to 60 hours.

For Auro Chocolate, your choice between:

55% Dark Chocolate (100 g): an award-winning smooth dark chocolate base with the right amount of sweetness balanced by the flavour notes of banana and vanilla crafted from the finest cacao beans sourced directly from Davao farmers.

64% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs (60 g): discover the enchanting flavors of Davao's lush tropical forests  in this smooth single-origin 64% Dark Chocolate crafted from tree-to-bar using quality cacao beans sustainably sourced directly from our local farmers. Combined with carefully roasted cacao nibs,  it's the perfect treat with a healthy crunch to keep you wanting more.

Auro Chocolate is an internationally awarded tree-to-bar chocolate brand that promotes sustainability by working directly with local farmers to create fine Filipino cacao beans, ingredients and retail products with unique and bold tropical flavors.