Saan Saan x Some Love: Petillant Naturel Pack

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Split-second romance,

the warmth of the sun touching your spine,  

a finger traces,

the outskirts of your skin, 

driving towards the sea, 

the sun lasts only for today...

We've prepared a special Valentine's pack together with our friend Mark Zavilla of Saan Saan. The pack comes with a bottle of wine that has been paired with one of Saan Saan's all natural hand poured candles (available in two sizes). Our hope is to transport you and your loved one to a special place this Valentine's season.  

KUNG TAG-ARAW by Saan Saan

Lemon, Bergamot, Sampaguita, Olive and Pine

LE CIEL EST BLEU by Summertime

Creamy Raspberry, Melon, Wildflowers, Subtle and Light