Saan Saan x Some Love: Red Wine Pack

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when I say "I've always known you"

means placing myself in the

midst of a hundred unknown artifacts of you

each door opens to another secret after another

understanding the quiet sound of floorboards

a certain hunger for tenderness

We've prepared a special Valentine's pack together with our friend Mark Zavilla of Saan Saan. The pack comes with a bottle of wine that has been paired with one of Saan Saan's all natural hand poured candles (available in two sizes). Our hope is to transport you and your loved one to a special place this Valentine's season.   


Clove, Mint, Orange, Green tea, and Grapefruit

HANAMI by Calvez Bobinet

Sour Cherries, Earthy funk, Ephemeral Zest and Unravelling