Dalisayin Set - Soy Candle and Soap

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This set will include the scent of your choice. Photo is for illustration only.

The Dalisayin Set (dalisayin v. to purify) is an ode to the hallowed ritual of cleansing and its intriguing connection to our sense of smell. We send our noses to sniff a cleansed hand, a fresh linen or a newly cleaned room. We honor the purifying power of cleansing.

The set contains a soy candle and a cleansing bar soap. Both aim to purify. 

And both carry Saan Saan's signature scent collection. Our soaps are handcrafted and cold-processed using the finest ingredients like organic virgin coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, natural clays, powdered botanical extract, lovingly made by our friends at The Soap Story.

The candle is 250 ml / 8.4 oz / 450 g. The soap is 120 g.

Each set is enclosed in our kraft gift box and comes with a postcard made by local artists. Add a note when you order if you want to add a note at the back of the postcard. If you want us to add in an inspiring quote or poetry, we can do that too.