Tin Candle Discovery Sets

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The Saan Saan Tin Candle Discovery Set will let you sample several scents at once and help choose the candle that's right for you. Think of it as candle dating: you want to test yourself with several candles first and make sure you're not missing out on the right scent for you! 

And when you're ready, you can commit to a bigger jar next time.

Each set is composed of 4 30ml (1oz) tin candles, grouped in various ways like scent profiles, most purchased combos, or just because their names sound nice together! A tin candle burns for up to 6 hours.

Choose from these sets:

Fresh + Spicy
Baker Street of Poblacion, Patchouli at the Temple, Linen Room, Kung Tag-araw

Campfire, Farm's Cabin, Sierra, Old Manila

Fresh + Woodsy
Linen Room, Kung Tag-araw, Sierra, Old Manila

Patchouli at the Temple, Linen Room, Campfire, Kung Tag-araw