Cat Juan Ledesma, lifestyle writer and locally-made advocate

Cat is a lifestyle writer, communications professional and an online TV producer. She's currently the Communications Associate of the Beacon Academy, a non-profit school offering global education to Filipino students from around the country. She is also the executive producer for The Parent Files, a web series on Industree TV. Cat is also the co-founder of Try Local PH, a social media platform that highlights all things proudly Filipino.

1) Tell us about your favorite rituals.

Three things I can't seem to do without these days are a cup of good coffee in the morning, giving my body a good sweat, and a splash of sunshine and sky before the day is done.

2) How do your rituals fit into your morning or night routines? How much time do you allocate for them?

Time can depend on how much I have to spare in between work and tasks but I always make it a point to find time for these three things. Especially after a day of typing away on my screen or phone, I just want to lie somewhere where I can see the clouds and let my mind daydream.

3) How long have you been following these rituals?

I've always loved all three but to make it a point to enjoy each one daily has definitely been since the quarantine started.

4) Who or what influenced you to follow them?

My mom always reminded me that we only have one body so it's important to take care of it. So I do make it a point to listen to my body's needs. Many times, my body is begging to get active. Other days it would prefer to just take it a little more easy and do a yoga session, Qigong, or simply watch Netflix.

5) What tools, items or products do you use in doing your rituals?

It doesn't require much, just a pretty cup, excellent coffee beans, my workout clothes, and time allotted to sit in an area of the house that has the sky available. Have you noticed how blue and clean it is these days? I highly recommend everyone take the time to look up and appreciate it when they can.

6) Do you dedicate a special space in your room where you do your rituals? Tell us more about this space.

Around the house, I've made it a point to see things that I find beautiful. Whether it be the special ceramic cup I use for my coffee, the plant we have placed sprouting happily in the corner, or the little nooks of paintings, artefacts, and candles I have in my home office.

7) How did these rituals help you on a daily basis?

It's funny but before quarantine I couldn't stay in the house for more than two days before having cabin fever. But now I am so at peace with it. And even after the quarantine is lifted, I can't see myself leaving very often. It feels like a haven already.

8) Do you use a particular mantra as part of a ritual?

I often say two mantras "taking it one day at a time" and "love the now." 

9) Have you ever stopped following a ritual? If so, what is it and why?

Meditation and I can't seem to agree these days. Perhaps its because my mind is already so restless it can't seem to find peace in staying still. I promise to give a try again eventually.



Photos by Cat. She is on Instagram as @catjuanledesma. You can also follow Try Local on Instagram at @trylocalph.