Look to the Stars: Candles and Signs


As we ushered in the New Year, everyone look to the stars again for a little guidance on what 2020 has in store on aspects of career, money and romance.

We did some constellation-exploring ourselves and brought our candles!

You can say our 12-scent classic collection did some soul searching: from the playful No.10 Kung Tag-araw and the bold No.18 Sierra to the intuitive No.03 Patchouli at the Temple and the luxurious No.02 Baker Street of Poblacion.

Explore our candles together with your signs and let the stars help you choose a scent that will match not just your mood but possibly your personality, too!


Fire Signs

Candles: No.18 SierraNo.36 Mindoro CoastNo.07 Campfire


Water Signs

Candles: No.03 Patchouli at the Temple, No.15 Farm's Cabin, No.20 Shrine Hunting 


Earth Signs

Candles: No.02 Baker Street of Poblacion, No.05 Linen Room, No.39 Shimizu Island


Air Signs

Candles: No.10 Kung Tag-araw, No.33 Teahouse, No.19 Old Manila