Introducing The Rituals

Rituals give us a sense of regularity, of order and routine. If practiced with discipline and consistency, it can help us gain clarity and intention in the conduct of the day. You get into a flow, we hear people say. Our practice is a buoy that indicates balance in the flowing water.

Introducing The Rituals.

It is an inquiry into the quiet, solitary, still moments that we elect to include in our lives everyday. We will ask people to share the rituals they practice and the impact this practice had on them, if any.

There will be a defined set of questions the interviewee will answer. The questions will be the same for everyone. We will invite creatives, writers, artists, designers, musicians, advocates, teachers and all lovers of craft. We will post one interview per week.


I thought about the idea of The Rituals in 2019. I parked it as work piled up and thought there will be a better time for it. I’ll know it when the time has come, I said.

Today, where there’s less order and an altered, confined routine to our days, I think our practice can go two ways:

One, it is likely one of the few parts of our life at home where we find and control a certain balance and regularity.

Two, and in outright contrast of the first one, it is precisely the absence of regularity in the world that had likely caused us to abandon our daily rituals, or change them, or be tentative about them.

The collective buoy is imbalanced and missing our practice in some way is our response. But for sure, we will pick up the pieces again, usually when we hear or read about someone. And we get inspired.

I hope we all get inspired to stay in practice.