The Rituals: Mikka Wee, food editor and memory keeper

Mikka Wee used to be a food editor in Manila before she moved to Singapore four years ago. She currently does marketing and content work for two Singaporean dessert brands. If she's not working, then you'll find her reading, journaling, or keeping the art of blogging alive on her website.

Mikka loves her alone time, which is why rituals speak volumes to her. She is quite an introspective person, so these quiet moments are essential in her everyday life because they add a layer of meaning to her days. Apart from food, traveling is her personal spoil. Given the current pandemic, she has resorted to journaling more often as a means to relive her best memories and to create new ones. She relishes the rain, a clean scent, and a warm cup of coffee.


1) Tell us about your favorite rituals.

I have three favorite rituals.

First, journaling. I’d like to think of myself as a memory keeper. I recently lost my dog of nine years, Rocket. Not being able to be there in Manila, I have resorted to finding whatever old photos and videos I have of him. Luckily, I have kept everything since 2011. And of course, there are always words. I also save a lot of tangible tokens such as concert tickets and stickers and being able to see them brings me back to those moments. Journaling keeps me grounded and grateful, too. I use a Hobonichi, and write in it every single day, as it helps tons with my mental and emotional clarity. Think of it as creative therapy.

Second is reading. I’d like to think books and writing come hand-in-hand. Reading never fails to take me to a whole new world, and I get so lost in stories, especially the good ones. Reading fuels my imagination and my creativity.

Lastly is a warm, relaxing shower and my skin care routine. There's a feeling of "renewal" every time I step into the shower and bathe. I've always seen it as a metaphor of how I am cleansing off the day that has passed and welcoming a new one.


2) How do your rituals fit into your morning or night routines? How much time do you allocate for them?

I started becoming a morning person because it made me realize that I can fit more things into my schedule if I begin my day earlier. I wake up around 7:30 a.m., make a coffee and do morning pages before getting ready for work. I reach the office at around 9:30 a.m.

For my journaling ritual, I prefer to do it after work before I go to sleep, when my mind has relaxed and is not buzzing anymore. I get really deep into what I do, and I make sure I give myself the proper space to accomplish my self-care rituals in order to make the most out of them.


3) How long have you been following these rituals?

I've been journaling since I was a kid; I remember getting my first diary when I was around nine (it even came with that lock!). I’ve always kept some sort of journal since. There are days when I like to look back, and it’s nice to feel like I’ve grown. I also started my blog in 2010, so it’s cool (and sometimes embarrassing, haha!) to see what I was like in the past, too.


4) Who or what influenced you to follow them?

My mother!

She exposed me to books since I was really, really young. We’d read a lot of stories together before going to bed, and I guess that’s where my love for words stemmed from. She also has her evening ritual of putting oils and lotions around her body. Whenever she would read bedtime stories to me when I was a child, she would always smell of almonds and roses. It's a seared memory.

I also started energy healing maybe around six years ago, and it was then that I felt the pull to fill my life with harmonious activities that make me feel at peace. How you feel inside really shows on the outside, and thinking good attracts good! My rituals always make me feel good and help me connect more with myself, so I stick to them.


5) What tools, items or products do you use in doing your rituals?

My journals, a good pen, ambient music, my crystals, and lots of good-smelling things, especially candles. I kid you not, I am obsessed with candles. They are so soothing to the soul and add coziness to any space. I always light one at night, or when I write in my journal.


6) Do you dedicate a special space in your room where you do your rituals? Tell us more about this space.

Either the dining table or my work desk. I usually move around because I enjoy a change in scenery, but the space always has to be tidy and organized.


7) How did these rituals help you on a daily basis?

They help me unwind, relax, and provide balance. My rituals also replenish my energy and calm my mind.


8) Do you find yourself following your rituals even while traveling?

Yes! I always love writing and journal especially when travelling. My showers and skincare routines are musts! When I travel, I'm easier on myself as I feel like I'm in a meditative state 80% of the time.


9) Do you use a particular mantra as part of a ritual?

I've trained my mind to always find gratitude and love in every situation no matter how tough. I don't really have a mantra per se, but I keep a grateful heart.


10) Have you ever stopped following a ritual? If so, what is it and why?

I used to meditate by sitting still in an attempt to quiet my mind. I even downloaded the Calm app to help me out. It was nice for a while, until I realized that I got either really fidgety or really sleepy. I go on and off with meditation, so it depends on my mood. Recently, I finished a 21-day meditation course, but I don't feel like doing it again just yet. Maybe in another season.



You can read more about Mikka's journals and adventures at or on Instagram at @mikkawee. Photos by Mikka Wee.