GAWA GAWA Scent Play and Candle Making Workshop

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You have enjoyed burning Saan Saan candles and scenting your spaces for your rituals, moods and occasions. Now, it's your chance to craft your own fragrance and pour them into your own handmade soy candles!

Meet Mark Zavalla, Founder and Creative Director of Saan Saan, as he shares his creative process in developing fragrances and pouring candles. You will have access to a curated collection of fragrance oils, mix your personalized fragrance blends and pour them into your own amber jar soy candles. You will learn and understand the raw materials and tools you need in blending a balanced fragrance and making your own scented soy candles.

The workshop lasts approximately for 2 hours and divided into 2 parts:

  • Part 1 Scent Play. Ahead of the workshop, participants are encouraged to take note of their 3 favorite things: a film, a poem and a city from a trip. We will use these as prompts for the new scents we're making. From the 3 scent studies, participants decide which one to make a full blend of fragrance of to be used for the next part: scented candlemaking.
  • Part 2 Candlemaking. Participants will make their soy candles and use their blended fragrance to scent their candles. At the end of the workshop, the freshly poured candle will be left at the Studio to cool and cure for at least 24 hours. Participants will be notified when their cured candles are ready for pickup.

The workshop fee includes all materials and tools needed throughout the session. It also includes some refreshments.

Number of slots per workshop: 5
Location: SAAN SAAN Studio G/F Ace Hotel and Suites, Brixton Street, Pasig City